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PyUnitGui is UnitTest GUI framework for Python programs. NUnit-like look with tests tree hierarchy and with console output window too. Writtem in wxPython it aims to be is as portable as Python and wxPython together are. project summary page  Download

Unit Test Writing Guides
"Test Driven Development" (TDD), book by Kent Beck

JUnit - mother of all modern *xUnits
NUnit - prototype for GUI
{py}unit - Python unit module documentation, unit tests "battery"* of Python
* "Battery included" principle of Python makes it very power tool!

1. "Infected with unittests" by Kent Beck - very beatyful article, must read

Operating System: OS Independent (Written in an interpreted language)
License: GNU General Public License (GPL), Python Software Foundation License, wxWindows Library Licence
Category: Quality Assurance, Testing

Two Words About the Author
My name is Minas Abrahamyan, and Python is one of my lovely programming langugages.
It is enough to say that all research work I do using Python.
Well, prototypes I create tends to became bigger and bigger, require test writing and
then tests require proper GUI-like form to be handling with. That's why PyUnitGui was been created.